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the edge of rhizome - glasgow review of books

I'm very happy that a selection of my new and published poems are in Glasgow Review of Books today as part its support for Scotland's Climate Week ('an annual event that encourages individuals, communities and businesses to come together to show support for tackling the climate emergency).

Above are two from my still to be published new pamphlet 'the edge of rhizome' which was inspired by a recent reading of A Thousand Plateaus by Gilles Deleuze and Felix Guattari and drive by my growing awareness of the impacts of the climate emergency we're part of. The fifteen visual poems reference the contents section of this book and the style and tone of its chapter summaries. I also draw on journal entries and news stories about the impacts of the crisis. The numbering is non-sequential in keeping with the central concept of rhizomatic nonlinear networks. You can see the GRB post and the rest of its CLIMATE WEEK content here...

Calving, which won the 2022 Wigtown Poetry Prize, and Hemisphere, first published on The Edwin Morgan Trust website, are also included in the GRB post.

Another aim of Scottish Climate Week is this: 'It's also a great opportunity to share success stories which can inspire others to take action.' So far my focus has been mainly on the negative impacts, but this week is a prompt to also speculate on some of the ingenious solutions and recoveries we're witnessing.


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