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Updated: May 4, 2019

My friends and I put on a contemporary art group show to coincide with the winter solstice. The theme invited us to play with ancient and contemporary experiences of light and the passing of time. A wide range of materials and practices were used to reflect on seasonal concerns such as misrule, stasis, reversal and fun. My work, Slipway, considers the impact of human interventions and natural phenomena on the launch site of renowned Clyde-built ships. It has two components: a photogram (Slipway - Monument) which unites the signatures of passers-by on the site the week before the solstice, and a pair of videos (Slipway 15:53 and Slipway - Regeneration) which are viewed simultaneously to document the tipping point from regeneration to degeneration on the slipway.

The great thing about the DIY approach to showing work is that it happens because you want to share your take on the here and now and keep in touch with people who inspire you. For some of the group, this is the fourth group show together, and there is a growing sense of connecting ideas that work across the constraints of physical distance - Scotland, Canada, Singapore. Our shared interest in research as a tool for development of concepts I think makes Standstill more than twelve individuals installing their work in the same space.

Today, following on from our reflection on the few dark days where the sun seems to 'stand still', the evening comes later and there is a sense of moving onto the next project.

All images by Julie Laing

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